DFF Item #11

11.OK, how do you explain that, per month, all calls to your Internet Provider except 5 or 6, are to deepdarkdesires.com? And why are the calls made to fantacies_r_us.com from your home billed to the RR's IP account? 

In order to maintain reliable communications for the safety of our employees on the property, the Lackawanna Terminal Railway acquired  the communications company, Marconi Wireless, Inc. Two of that company's component parts were deepdarkdesires.com and fantacies_r_us.com. While the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team does not advocate pornography on the World Wide Web, these two components of the newly acquired Marconi Wireless, Inc. have, in fact, been quite profitable for the company and the income from these two enterprises has allowed the Lackawanna Terminal Railway to expand it's communications net to cover the entire system with the finest, most costly equipment available. 

In order to best monitor the profitability of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's resources, the company has ordered it's managers to maintain a constant watch on deepdarkdesires.com and fantacies_r_us.com and have added these two web sites to the startup programs of all the computers in the corporate private offices so that they come up when the computers are started every morning. 

The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team continues to monitor these two assets on a daily basis. It is interesting to note that since these web sites were added to the corporate computers, managers have been coming to work earlier and staying considerably later than is considered normal or prudent. We consider this abnormal interest in the business aspects of the corporation, on the part of it's employees, to be an advantage our competitors do not possess. 

When the corporate stockholders of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway learned of our new holdings, they insisted that our communications department add the two web pages to the computer startup programs in their corporate offices as well so that they could keep better track of their holdings. The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team was only too happy to comply with this request. 

I suppose that the appearance of a  stretch limousine, with blacked out windows and the license plate BIMBOSRUS, at the LT corporate HQ at about 11:00 PM each night, whisking away from 2 to 5 Lackawanna Terminal Railway's management types and returning between 3 and 5 AM in the morning, is part of some grand scheme to increase productivity and boost employee moral? 

The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team is always vigilant in its efforts to weed out unprofitable divisions within the company and, in fact, spend many hours beyond the normal workday doing so. With the recent acquisition of Marconi Wireless, Inc., the employees of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team have been keeping a close watch on two of Marconi's, supposedly,  most profitable assets: deepdarkdesires.com and fantacies_r_us.com (see explanation above concerning these two new profit centers). 

Since these two organizations are recent additions to the Lackawanna Terminal Family, the Management Team considers it imperative that they visit the facilities where deepdarkdesires.com and fantacies_r_us.com are produced for a first hand look at the methods and techniques used in providing the pictures and sound that seem of such great interest to their subscribers. This explains the many trips to the Lackawanna Terminal Conference Center where the communications facilities have been moved. The members of the LT Management Team have become intimately involved in these new projects and report that the Lackawanna Terminal Corporation has truly made a wise purchase. 

The reason for the management team's late hours at the deepdarkdesires.com and fantacies_r_us.com facilities is their never ending dedication to the company which allows them to visit the new facilities only after their normal work hours. The limousine you mentioned is provided by Marconi Wireless, Inc. as a courtesy to the Management Team and is considered a classy touch by the Lackawanna Terminal management. 

Yes, morale is extremely high on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway.

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