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6. How do you explain how the guy who runs the verification and  crew caller office wound up in a hospital in Pittsburgh and the company  car in a wrecking yard in Altoona after the party to celebrate the retirement of  the CFO ( chief financial officer) and then the company is named as a correspondent in the divorce of the CFO and his wife, who was last  seen with the guy who runs, or ran, the verification and crew caller  office?

The answer is really quite simple:

Following the retirement party for the CFO (chief financial officer)  the guy who runs the verification and crew caller office drove to Altoona for a conference of the "Guys Who Run the Verification and Crew Caller Office Professional Association". Unfortunately, the  company car he was driving while he was attending the company  sponsored seminar was stolen at gun point and, during a high speed chase with the dedicated policemen from Altoona, the car was struck  and destroyed by an out of control tractor trailer hauling steel scrap to a container port in New Jersey to be shipped to China to be made into a new model automobile which was to be sold in America. The car was a total write off and  was towed to the wrecking yard in Altoona to be sold for scrap, to be trucked to a container port in New Jersey...

During the car jacking, the guy who runs the verification and crew  caller office was shot in the head  and severely brain damaged. He required emergency medical care that he could only get at a hospital in Pittsburgh. He is expected to recover and will be given a promotion  in recognition of the sacrifices he has made for the company. When he  returns to Scranton, he will be seated in his wheel chair and positioned in a conspicuous "area of honor" in the entrance foyer to greet visitors. To further honor him, a flower pot, filled with nasturtiums, will be placed on his lap. He should make a lovely display for those touring the facilities.

The reason that the wife of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) was last seen with the guy who runs the verification and crew caller office was simply that the guy who runs the verification and crew caller office was giving the car, which belongs to the wife of the CFO (Chief Financial  Officer), a jump start as her car battery had died while she was attending the  retirement party.

The management of the  Lackawanna Terminal Railway finds this an entirely innocent encounter.

The company is named as a correspondent in the divorce proceedings between the CFO (Chief  Financial Officer) and his wife is because she claims (through her lawyer) that it was his excessive hours at work (her words) that were the main cause of the breakup of their marriage. The management of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway considers the dedication of it's employees to be their most endearing trait and one of the main reasons the company  has done so well against great competition. Lackawanna Terminal  Railway management expects nothing less from our other employees.

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