DFF Item #9

9. This is getting a little far-fetched, isn't it? You guys on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team sure have some vivid imaginations. Maybe you've been drinking too much of that bottled water the railroad supplies us with. I think it is laced with some kind of mind altering substance.

The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team thanks you for your concern in this matter. Having received your letter, we performed quality control tests on a tank car load of the drinking water supplied by the fine people at New Jersey Transit through our dear friends at the National Chemical and Refining Corporation. You will be pleased to know that the water tested was found to be the quality of pure spring water. The chemists at NC and R indicated that they could improve the water to provide the mind altering reactions you were concerned about. The management of NC and R considers the project worthy and has given it a top priority.

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