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1. Is it true that a member of the Lackawanna  Terminal's  Management Team was seen cavorting in the parking lot of the gay bar across the street from the Intermodal Yard?

No, that is not true. The word cavorting, used improperly in this case, casts dispersions on the true nature of the proceedings being held on that day. Early in the history of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway it was discovered that the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Department of Human Resources needed a satellite facility in which to interview potential employees. This new facility needed to be located near to where the employees would, eventually, be working. Since part of the interview process was to take the applicant to the Lackawanna Terminal Intermodal yard to properly determine the suitability of the applicant for the job applied for the need for an Human Resources center across the street from the yard was deemed essential. The only building that was available at the time was in an establishment that was used for the entertainment of "couples of like temperament". Our satellite office was set up in a back room at this facility. What has been erroneously perceived to be "cavorting" was simply a celebration of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Human Resources Department's hiring of their first "multi-minority" employee; cause enough for celebration we feel. All pictures that were taken of the celebration that day were subsequently destroyed when the building was torched by a disgruntled applicant that was deemed unworthy of employment with the Lackawanna Terminal Railway.

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