6. How do you explain the " leave of absence " taken by the office manager the March after the Christmas party, and when she returned that next November with a baby, the MOW Superintendent  a bachelor, sold his house and Corvette, and now lives in a furnished room and drives a Yugo. Explain that, FAQ Man.

The Lackawanna Terminal is unaware of any wrong doing by the MOW Superintendent and no charges were ever filed against him. He has since been transferred to a mountain top microwave relay site at an undisclosed location. The site has no telephone or mailing address. The office manager has since been promoted to General Administrator, a job created by the company with no duties or responsibilities. The blonde haired, blue eyed, female baby was adopted by a couple from the Middle East who flew back to their small North African country as soon as the adoption papers were signed and hasn't been heard from since.

The Lackawanna Terminal considers the matter closed.

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