7. And I suppose that you'd be the first to say that Epic brakes are good. And that Mid-Town Neglect service is convenient. I'll bet your excuse writers used to work for Bill Clinton. They sure are good.

The Lackawanna Terminal Railway does not use the Epic Brake on any of our locomotives. However, our Mechanical Department has been in contact with other railroads to garner information as to the reliability of the Epic Brake. New Jersey Transit's mechanical people tell us they cannot find any fault with the Epic system. When asked if they have received any complaints from the engineers who use the Epic on a daily basis, they replied that the engineers on New Jersey Transit have nothing but praise for the new system and that they have received no complaints. The Lackawanna Terminal Railway management considers the mechanical department employees of New Jersey Transit to be experts in the workings of the Epic Brake and if they report no flaws in the system then there are no flaws in the system.

We were curious about your reference the Mid-Town Direct service (misspelled Mid-Town Neglect in your correspondence) so we called New Jersey Transit Customer Relations and they reported that all their customers love the new service and no complaints have been received. They also referred us to a major commuter coalition group for further comment. The group's spokesman said they thought the service was a great leap forward in commuter convenience and service and couldn't understand why anyone would refer to the service in a derogatory manner.

Bill Clinton cannot afford the services of our apologists.

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