Lackawanna Terminal Railway Gondolas
(Car painted by Joe Kopin)

Gondolas, such as the 15003 are used in exclusive service to the Stradivarius Steel Company (a division of Athenia Steel of Clifton, New Jersey) per contract. At the startup of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway one of the means to get the larger on-line industries to return to the railroad as vibrant customers was to guarantee car availability when the customer needs them (kind of "just in time" in reverse). This policy required the railroad to commit large sums of cash reserves to this end not only for Stradivarius Steel but the other large Corporation, the National Chemical and Refining Company, in Depew, New York and the Amalgamated Processed Foods Corporation, LLC located in Atlanta, New York. This guarantee of rail service verses a commitment by these companies to rail use form a firm basis for revenue generation and growth.

(Car painted by Joe Kopin)

The Lackawanna Terminal Railway is committed to providing the best in transportation services to its on-line customers and to this end the Lackawanna Terminal Railway has purchased a number of drop end gondolas which are used as idler cars for oversized loads shipped from the Stradivarius Steel Company in West Corning, New York to construction sites across the country and overseas. In this picture car 14500 is arriving in East Buffalo on its way back to West Corning in the company of several flat cars returning from carrying profit enlarging specialty steel products to California for shipment to Southeast Asia.

Below are two different lettering schemes on the same numbered series cars used in captured service for Stradivarius Steel. Both cars share a shipment of steel wire coils that have been coated with a rust inhibiting chemical before shipment. These cars and two others that are also loaded with wire coils will be interchanged with CSX for this evening for eventual shipment to Houston Texas as part of an experiment testing of a new application for these specially designed steel wire coils. Successful implementation of this new application will mean many more loads for the Lackawanna Terminal Railway whose interest in the experiment extends to ensuring the expeditious movement of these cars to their final destination thus ensuring a profitable year and continuing overtime in the accounting department.

(Cars painted by Joe Kopin)

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