Tank cars on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway
(Car painted by Joe Kopin, decal supplied by Prime Mover Model Railroad Decals)

Sulfex Chemical Company, a division of Lucent Technologies, LLC, is a major customer of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway. This company, located in Groveland, New York, is a newly constructed coal modification plant which increases the BTU value of coal while eliminating much of the sulfur content (using new and highly sophisticated proprietary computer technology) has been built in conjunction with the New York Power Authority's mini-electric generating plant (located in Atlanta, New York) and accounts for several coal trains a week. This process is necessary for power plants on the east coast to comply with the strict pollution regulations now in effect and has become a large money maker for the railroad while allowing utilities to order cheaper, higher sulphur coal from the south rather than mixing southern coal with more expensive yet cleaner Powder River coal.

The privately owned series of tank cars like the one pictured above is used to transport bulk liquefied sulfur, a byproduct of the sulfur elimination process, between Sulfex and the National Chemical and Refining complex in DePew, New York where it will be processed into the bright orange cheese flavored coating used in America's favorite cheese flavored puffed grain infested product manufactured by Amalgamated Processed Foods Corporation, LLC, also a Lackawanna Terminal Railway customer located in Atlanta, New York. The purchase of a small fleet of these cars was funded, in part, by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's "Cash for Customers" program with prodigiously proliferating profit margins  for all concerned.

10,000 gallon Tank Cars for Specialized Service on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway

In conjunction with the good folks at the  National Chemical and Refining Company’s Depew, NY research and manufacturing complex, the Amalgamated Processed Foods Corporation, LLC, has developed a way to refine raw sewage sludge into a line of high-end chocolate fudge products. As all of us know, about 60% of New York City’s sewage sludge (or Biosolids) is pelletized at Synagro’s New York Organic Fertilizer Company facility in the Bronx. Much of this sludge is then shipped to Florida and used as fertilizer in the citrus groves.

Amalgamated Processed Foods, LLC considers the use of biosolids for fertilizer to be a waste of a readily available resource that can be put to a much more profitable end (and a higher added value tariff for the Lackawanna Terminal Railway to boot). To this end the chemists of the Amalgamated Processed Foods, LLC’s Department of Chemical Augmentation and Integration have joined forces with the fine folks at National Chemical and Refining to developed a process whereby raw sewage sludge in the form of a water soluble slurry can be processed into a paste that has the flavor and texture of a rich chocolate-like processed fudge derivative. Profits for the National Chemical and Refining Company are derived from a contracted fee for services as well as all heavy metals retrieved during the refining process.

The Management of the Amalgamated Processed Foods, LLC has financed, patented, and built a new production process to manufacture products of processed raw sludge slurry which includes a rich chocolate-like processed fudge derivative cookie which will be individually wrapped in gold foil and sold at chocolate boutiques world wide at highly inflated prices. The addition income to the Lackawanna Terminal Railway from this newly acquired freight traffic, to include tank cars of raw sewage sludge slurry to NC&R, boxcars of processed chocolate fudge "cake" derivative from National Chemical and Refining shipped to the Amalgamated Processed Foods Corporation, LLC’s manufacturing facility in Atlanta, NY, can not be overstated. The raw sewage slurry travels under an exceedingly high tariff due to its extreme toxicity and the processed fudge derivative has a truck delivery high tariff because the Lackawanna Terminal Railway controls all alterative transportation resources.

he Lackawanna Terminal Railway, in cooperation with the National Chemical and Refining Corporation and the Amalgamated Processed Foods Company, LLC. has leased a small fleet of 10,000 gallon tank cars (such as pictured above) to handle the raw sewage sludge from sewage processing plants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York State to the National Chemical and Refining facilities in DePew, New York where among other processes the NC&R Corporation leaches off the heavy metals contained in the raw sewage before further processing the sludge to a level where it resembles chocolate fudge in just about every aspect. Because of the weigh of the heavy metals and the toxicity of the sludge the Federal Government restricts each shipment of raw sewage sludge to 10,000 gallons per car.   
Other fine products from the research division of the National Chemical and Refining Company which are shipped to the Amalgamated Processed Foods. LLC’s manufacturing plant by rail include but are not limited to: sulpherous waste from the Sulfex Corporation which is converted into an appetizing orange cheesy flavored coating for America’s favorite processed cheese flavored snack food and various plasticized grain products for a cheese flavored snack food with a shelf life that exceeds processed uranium.

While these cars are not owned by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway they are often seen in service between Mexico and the Amalgamated Processed Foods Corporation, LLC in Atlanta, New York. The commodity shipped in these pressurized LPG type cars is a vital part in the process of making the world famous puffed cheese snack which is a major profit center for APF Corporation, LLC. While the technology involved is proprietary it is well known that the size of the individual cheese snack pieces are dependant on a powerful blast of gas entering the extruded cheese product and instantly enlarging the piece until it is bloated to the size recognizable as an Amalgamated Processed Foods Corporation, LLC premium processed cheese flavored product. The processed cheese flavored product cannot be properly puffed using normally prescribed methods of inflation such as compressed air or other benign pressurized gases. It was therefore necessary for the chemists at APF Corporation, LLC to find a source of compressed gas that would expand exponentially when directed to do so by the company's technicians thereby inflating the cheese pieces instantly and sufficiently to ensure their proper size and shape without breaking the corporate bank account and to create so many air chambers within the individual pieces of processed cheese snack that very little material is actually required for each piece ensuring a large quantity of processed cheese snack without a lot of processed cheese.

After much research and experimentation the scientists came to the conclusion that the only gas that was available in sufficient quantities, was compressible to the incredible density required to puff the processed cheese flavored product without costs becoming overbearing was Mexico City Sewer Gas. Mexico City Sewer Gas is, in fact, so potentially explosive is Mexico City Sewer Gas that its use during experiments needed to test the output release pressure of the gas in PSI per second resulted in a number of on site injuries and damage to equipment that was not suitably strengthened to withstand forces not anticipated even by the normally conservative estimates of the engineering staff brought in to calculate the requirements of the use of this product. Needless to say, after many false starts and much many plumbing changes the scientists were giddy with the final results of their labors and a new, more cost efficient process for puffing cheese snacks was put into practice resulting in an increased output of processed cheese flavored snack food and additional high tariff rail traffic for the Lackawanna Terminal Railway.

The cars pictured above, loaded with liquefied Mexico City Sewer Gas, are part of a large fleet of leased cars dedicated to this service to the benefit of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's already burgeoning bottom line. Expedited service is guaranteed by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway throughout the movement of the cars from the shipper loading facilities and continue once the cars are on the property thus ensuring an abundant supply of cheap and readily available gas  to keep the production lines flowing to meet the worldwide demand for this delicious processed cheese flavored product.

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