The Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society 
est. 1977

The Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society was created to study and preserve, for future generations, all aspects of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's history, equipment, and operations. While the LTT&HS is not officially affiliated in anyway with the Lackawanna Terminal Railway, the organization has an excellent working relationship with the railroad. Meetings are held sporadically at the headquarters of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway. Attendance is usually sparse but those attending are generally ebullient in their quest for knowledge and the dissemination of same to Lackawanna Terminal Railway enthusiasts worldwide.

The Lackawanna Terminal Technical And Historical Society Corporate Officers

Steve Kay: 
Chairman of the Board, Food Group Administrator, and Tiny Part Procurer 
Paul Tupaczewski:
 President, Chief Executive Officer, Grand Decal Meister, and Font Guru 
Bill Guimes: 
Senior Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Counselor, and Chief Electrical Luminary 
Rob Schoenberg:
 Senior Vice President, Master Receiver Installer, and Electron Director 
Jay Mikesh:
 Senior Vice President: Rail Operations and Collision Prevention Overlord 
Monica Lewinsky: 
Senior Vice President: Member Morale and Custodian of Classified Information 
JP Mikesh: 
Senior Vice President, Master Welder, and Pyrotechnic Engineer 
Ivan Boesky:
 Senior Vice President and Lackawanna Terminal Technical & Historical Society's Exclusive Investment Counselor. 
Jay Jordan:
 Senior Vice President, Patriarch of Bridges and Buildings, and Lord High Director of Property Development 
Dave Williams:
 Senior Vice President: Track and Overseer of the Upper Level 
Lenny Kaplonski: 
Senior Vice President: Medical, Chief Medical Examiner, and EAP Administrator 
Joe Kopin:
 Senior Vice President: Pigment, Detail Precisian, and Air Brush Artisan 
Lavrenti Beria: 
Senior Vice President: Volunteer Labor Organization and Chairman: Membership Conscription Committee 
Bob Pennisi:
 Senior Vice President: Media Manipulation, Archivist, and Railroad Bibliophile 
Tom Markert: 
Senior Vice President, Railroad Miniaturist, and Membership Propagator 
Ralph Plachter: 
Senior Vice President: Fact and Knowledge Management and Director of Volunteer Motivation 
Jack Bartman:
 Senior Vice President: Passenger Services and Lackawanna Terminal Railway Narrow Gauge Cognoscente 
Sammy "The Bull" Calciotti: 
Senior Vice President, Derailment and Annoying Glitch Eliminator 
Rob Croft:
 Senior Vice President and LTT&HS West Coast Representative and Delegate to the National Committee for the Preservation of All Things Lackawanna Terminal Triennial Conference and Bake Sale 
Josh Trower:
 Senior Vice President  and guardian of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway block signal bulb collection. Lackawanna Terminal Railway commuter operations historian, emeritus 
Kelly Burns: 
Senior Vice President and LTT&HS representative to the Jenny Craig Annual Weight Reduction Symposium and Gab Fest. 
Robert Campbell:
 Senior Vice President: Carrier Modulation and Fire Control Specialist. 
Bill Strassner: 
Senior Vice President: Special Onboard Services Provider and Passenger Complaint Department Liaison. 
Ken Geist:
 Senior Vice President and LTT&HS Officer's Legal Defense Fund Coordinator. 
Bob Thompson:
 Senior Vice President and Complex Operating Procedures Administrator. 
Philip E. Dominguez:
 Senior Vice President: Canceled projects and Psychotherapeutic Consultant. 
Stephanie Burns: 
Senior Vice President and LTT&HS Special Representative to the United Nation's Symposium on International Transportation History and Majarincess of Franistan. 
Robert Currie: 
Senior Vice President: Department of Historical Tie Nail, Tooth Pick, and Short Nose Toilet Paper Verification, Southern Division. 
Clifton Linton: 
Senior Vice President and Principle Hinderer of the Expeditious Movement of Interstate Commerce. 
Stuart Chirls: 
Senior vice president, electronic media obfuscation: Press Potentate and Carbon Based Spell checker. 
Matt Klemchalk:
 Senior Vice President and Chief Mechanical Tinkerer. 
Scott Lupia:
 Senior Vice President: Locomotive Noise Enhancement, Supervisor, Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society's Department of Virtual Verisimilitude, and Scenery Savant.

Would you like to become a member of this fast growing railfan organization? Are you a person who desperately needs to have a pompous title to feel you have achieved some self-important, yet superficial goal in life? If so, an online membership application form for the Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society is now available to  make applying for membership a simple, yet lengthy procedure. Be sure to fill it out today because the estimated time from filing the application to final acceptance averages three to five years (about the same time as the average prison term for armed robbery) and qualifies the applicant for acceptance into the Navy Seal Team community as well as an honorary graduate degree in engineering from the applicant's choice of MIT, Cal Tech, or Stanford Universities.


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