Physical Characteristics Study Guide 
Lower Hack to Summit

Disclaimer - This study guide is solely the work of the author and any errors are strictly mine. While I have tried to ensure that there is a correct (or most correct) answer to each question, final interpretation of these physical characteristics is the responsibility of the employee and the New jersey Transit LETP locomotive instructors and Rules Department. The author assumes no responsibility for incorrect answers on the recertification test given by New Jersey Transit or their employees. For this review, rule G is not in effect so curl up around a warm monitor, grab some chips and your System Timetable No.8, Special Instructions GO 801, sip a cup for your favorite brew and take a leisurely scroll through the Physical Characteristics Study Guide.

1. How many hand thrown switches are there between Lower Hack and Summit? 
    a. 1 
    b. 2 
    c. 3 
    d. 4 
    e. 5 

2. What main track rules are in effect Between Lower Hack and Sandfords on track 2?
    a. ABS, 261, CSS     
    b. ABS, 251, CSS
    c. CSS, Interlocking
    d. DCS

3. A phase gap across tracks 3, 1, and 2 is located at:
    a. Sandfords (MP 3.9)
    b. Meadows (MP4.7)
    c. Kearney Jct. (MP 5.7)
    d. Harrison (MP 7.1)

4. Match up the following Interlockings and Mile Posts:
    Sandfords                            20.1 
    Meadows                              16.3 
    Kearny                                   9.5 
    Harrison                                7.7 
    Broad                                     36.3D
    Roseville Avenue                9.0 
    Green                                     5.7 
    Millburn                                  3.9 
    Summit                                  4.3 
    Drew                                      30.0
    Baker                                     25.1
    Denville                                 38.1
    Dover                                     7.1

5. Kearney Junction is listed on the Timetable/Special Instructions as:
    a. An Interlocking
    b. A Station
    c. An Interlocking and a Station
    d. None of the above.

6. What is the maximum authorized speed between Lower Hack (MP 2.7) and Harrison (MP 6.6) for Arrow and ALP-44 equipped trains? 
    a. 75 
    b. 60 
    c. 50 
    d. 45

7. What main track rules are in effect between Harrison Interlocking and Broad Interlocking? 
    a. ABS, 251, CSS 
    b. ABS, 261, CSS 
    c. INT., CSS 
    d. ABS, Interlocking Rules, CSS

8. What is the speed limit between MP 13.7 and MP 14 on track 3 (South Orange Station)? 
    a. 70 
    b. 60 
    c. 50 
    d. 45

9. There is a phase gap across tracks 3, 2, and 1 at:
    a. Orange (MP 11.4)
    b. Maplewood (MP 14.5)
    c.  Millburn (MP 16.5)
    d. Short Hills (MP 17.8)

10. What is the speed limit between MP 15.2 and MP 15.3 on track three (Maplewood Station)? 
    a. 70 
    b. 60 
    c. 55 
    d. 45

11. What main track rules are in effect on track numbers two and three between Green Interlocking and Millburn? 
    a. ABS, 261, CSS 
    b. ABS, 251, CSS 
    c. CSS, 261 
    d. DCS

12. What main track rules are in effect on tracks one and two between Millburn Interlocking and Summit Interlocking? 
    a. ABS, 251, CSS 
    b. ABS, 261, CSS 
    c. ABS, 261 
    d. ABS, 251

13. What are the names off the three yard tracks in Summit? 
    a. Track one, Interchange, Wall 
    b. Yard tracks one, two and three 
    c. Extension, Stub, Hill City 
    d. Back lead, Tail track, Modoc

14. From North to South what are the names of the three main tracks in Summit Station? 
    a. One, Two, and the Wall track 
    b. Two, Four, and Six Main 
    c. One, Three, and the Wall track 
    d. There are only two main tracks and the wall track.

15. Which station does not have an island platform? 
    a. East Orange 
    b. South Orange 
    c. Millburn 
    d. Summit

16. Which station does not have an island platform? 
    a. East Orange 
    b. Orange 
    c. Maplewood 
    d. Summit.

Physical Characteristics Study Guide 
Lower Hack to Summit

1. e. (five)  Harrison Branch off track three, 
                   Orange Street Yard off track two 
                   Orange Yard off track two 
                   South Orange Yard off track three 
                   East end of the Summit yard off track two

2. b. ABS, 261, CSS

3. b. Meadows (MP4.7)

4. Sandfords                            3.9
    Meadows                              4.3 
    Kearny                                   5.7 
    Harrison                                7.1 
    Broad                                     7.7 
    Roseville Avenue                9.0 
    Green                                     9.5 
    Millburn                                16.3   
    Summit                                 20.1
    Drew                                      25.1
    Baker                                    30.0
    Denville                                36.3D

    Dover                                    38.1

5. c. An Interlocking and a Station

6. a. (75 MPH)

7. c. (INT., CSS)

8. d. (45 MPH)

9. b. Maplewood MP 14.5

10. b. (60 MPH)

11. b. (ABS, 251, CSS)

12. b. (ABS, 261, CSS)

13. a. (Track one , Interchange, Wall track)

14. a. (One, Two, and the Wall track)

15. c. (Millburn)

16. b. Orange

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