TerminalWear is now available

Now you can order the Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society's own TerminalWear clothing. 

Shirts, jackets, hats, all kinds of wearing apparel with the Lackawanna Terminal Railway logo are available from WearGuard, an Aramark company. 

Practically any garment in the catalog can be fitted with the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's company logo.

Lackawanna Terminal 

The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's authorized logo and lettering are black on light fabric and white on dark fabric.

The title of
 Senior Vice President is authorized for all orders. 

To order, call Aramark in Hanover Mass. Monday through Friday during normal working hours.

The telephone number is 1-800-677-6060. You will be transferred to a sales representative.

You can order from the paper catalog or from 
the on-line catalog:
Cost is dependent on type of garment ordeed and complexity of the embroidered artwork.
When you call our account number is: 17678825.
Tell them you are from the Lackawanna Technical and Historical Society. 

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