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Buried within the Deep Fried FAQ you will find answers to the kind of insightful, probing questions that strip back the superficial outer layers of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's corporate management and reveal the truth about this segment of Industrial America's actual agenda. The DFF is not for the faint hearted so before you call your lawyers and sue us, please read the Deep Fried FAQ Eye Test and Small Print Disclaimer below: 

The Deep Fried FAQ (hereafter known as the DFF) is the concept of several members of the Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society (hereafter known as the LTT&HS) and is for the entertainment of incidental readers only. The inclusion of any information or links in the DFF does not constitute endorsement of the included information or links by the LTT&HS or it's members nor does the content of the DFF represent the opinions of the LTT&HS officers ( well, maybe sometimes) or their families, the membership of LTT&HS or their families, any other members of the Railroad industry in general or their families, the Management of Lackawanna Terminal Railway (hereafter known as the LT), their employees, their vendors, the vendor's employees, the LT's customers, their vendors and employees, any local, state, and federal employees of any railroad regulatory agencies that have anything to do with the LT or the LTT&HS, its successors, and/or assigns, and their families, inclusive. All material submitted for inclusion in the DFF becomes the immediate property of the LTT&HS to be used and distributed at will without reimbursement to the contributor in any shape, form, or manner. The Management of the LT and the LTT&HS reserves the right to edit all submissions for content and length. All logos are the property of their respective owners. I would like to thank all who contributed to this fine tome.

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  1. Transvestism as an asset in the multi-cultural world of Human Resources
  2. Other railroad executives as sources of expertise
  3. Treating employees with contempt
  4. Illicit interoffice relationships and the pregnancy that resulted.
  5. The improper use of company vehicles and the humiliation of disabled employees
  6. Illicit interoffice relations and the pregnancy that followed
  7. Spinning the Big Lie about the Epic electronic braking system
  8. Paying off government official with cash and sexual favors.
  9. Pornography as a Lackawanna Terminal Railway profit center.
  10. What is Hydro-Chloro-Flouro-Neurotic Acid?
  11. Is the Lackawanna Terminal Railway stock privately held?
  12. The degradation and spoilage of the pristine countryside that borders the property of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway and its subsidiaries in the name of improvements to the community.
  13. Battling the competition in the rail industry takes on a new dimension.
  14. The purchase of Lackawanna Terminal Railway stock and the colossal waste of corporate profits on personal indulgence.
  15. The Lackawanna Terminal Technical and Historical Society and their inclusion in collusion.
  16. The disguising of illegal activities through the creation of shell corporations in foreign countries.
  17. Collecting memorabilia and the possibility of arrest for possession of stolen property and the theft of competitor’s property.
  18. Who's track is it, anyway? The Lackawanna Terminal Railway Versus the Depew, Lancaster and Western.
  19. What are you doing about fatigue in an environment of long hours on the train?
  20. Highly toxic nuclear waste and the payoff of government officials to conceal this despicable crime and the illegal use of nuclear waste for industrial purposes.
  21. Locomotives not in compliance with Federal law.
  22. Disregarding government largess or we have more money than they do
  23. Theft, breaking and entering, and other illegal activities perpetrated by deputized law enforcement officers employed by your company for the sole purpose of blackmailing union officials thereby gaining their cooperation against your employees.
  24. The hunting down and shooting of innocent human beings by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway’s Department of Criminal Investigation in the name of Homeland Security.
  25. The celebration of 25 years of service to our customers, our community, and our bottom line
  26. Crushing the downtrodden and those who protect them
  27. Railfans and Homeland Security: Diametrically opposed
  28. The Social Security/Railroad Retirement problem solved
  29. The unwarranted firing of employees whose sole purpose was to lead a fulfilling life to the benefit of themselves, their families, and to improve the conditions under which you have forced them to work, to wit, the case of Mr. Montenitro.
  30. Intermodal Versus general cargo: Which is more profitable?
  31. Faith based profit making: God joins the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Management Team
  32. An enthusiastic response emanating from the results of a new profit center.
  33. The small electrical fire that almost started World War III.
  34. The disappearance of a local mayor who had a long-lasting dispute with the Lackawanna Terminal Railway.

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