Lackawanna Terminal Railway Alco RS-3
(Locomotives painted by Joe Kopin)

Two Lackawanna Terminal RS-3 locomotives wait assignment at East Buffalo Junction as a piggyback train lead by GP-35 2562 crosses the diamond on its way to interchange Chicago bound intermodal freight with Conrail. Built for the Erie Railroad in the 1950's, these units were former Erie/EL. After a heavy rebuilding for road service by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Scranton Locomotive Shops, these units are now most commonly seen in all forms of yard and local freight service. Their big GE traction motors give these units more pull than the EMD GP-9 and crews appreciate them for their tractive effort although their 244 prime movers are old and obsolete by contemporary standards. These engines are kept on a short leash due to maintenance considerations.

(Engine painted and detailed by Joe Kopin)

Time and the sun have taken their toll on what was once a deep rich paint job as the elements have started to lightened the colors on RS-3 1603. A regular workhorse on local drills and industrial sidings the paperwork in the shop office shows the next assignment for this aging locomotive is a job switching out cars and blocking trains in Binghamton, New York. Its horsepower will be added to the head end of the next westbound freight for all Lackawanna Terminal locomotives carry their own weight when traveling between assignments. The future is uncertain for this group of Alcos so be on the lookout for them. We never know where these classic locomotives will be caught by railfans who stalk old and interesting engines.

(Engine painted and detailed by Joe Kopin)

RS-3s 1603 and 1601 are coupled to three auto parts cars that have come from the Stradivarius Steel stamping plant at West Corning, New York and are headed for an auto parts distribution warehouse near Denver, Colorado. These stampings are after market parts for repairing collision damage on Toyotas. The crew working the Alco road switchers at the west end of East Buffalo yard today will block these cars with the loaded auto racks seen in the background for pick up by a Norfolk Southern transfer train.

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