Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Alco C-630

(Engine 6318 and sister painted by Scott Lupia)

These ex-Conrail, ex-PC Alco monsters spent many years hauling the heaviest loads that the railroad could couple them to ending their service hauling iron ore around Mingo Junction, Ohio. When the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Mechanical Department managers saw them these engines were beat up and worn out. The mechanical guys must have seen something in them for four were purchased from Conrail, the best two were sent to the Scranton Locomotive Shop and were given a reliability overhaul and a new paint job before being sent out in revenue service. These are the last two of the big Alcos recently brought out of storage due to a large increase in rail traffic. There was not even time to paint them before they were needed to haul coal to the New York State Power Authority power plant in Atlanta, New York and the Sulfex chemical plant in Groveland, New York.

Below is pictured one of the C-630s that were in better shape upon arrival in Scranton and were refurbished, painted, and placed in service almost immediately to pick up the slack of these heavy trains.

(Engine 6319 painted by Joe Kopin)

Its an all Alco picture as  the "little" RS-3 1603 sits with three of the four big Alcos used by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway to haul their monster freights over the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania. These hard  working engines rest along side the Scranton engine house after earning their keep with an overnight run out of Buffalo, New York to Scranton, Pa. After service and fueling they will haul more freight east to Croxton yard in New Jersey.  

Another shot of the big Alocos rumbling east at East Buffalo Junction while JPMX 455 and 456 "break in" at the bulk transfer facility within the East Buffalo yard complex.

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