Lackawanna Terminal Railway's GP-35 Locomotives

Below are two shots of Lackawanna Terminal Railway GP-35s 2570 and 2561 heading west through East Buffalo yard with a train of containers and trailers for interchange with Conrail. Conrail and the Lackawanna Terminal Railway have an interchange agreement for intermodal service originating at the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's intermodal facility at Mount Morris, New York. Very soon after startup the Lackawanna Terminal saw a need for originating and terminating containers and trailers in the Southern Tier area of New York state within an easy drive of the major New York and Philadelphia metropolitan markets without the delays ensuing from traffic congestion around the major terminals.

While service started slowly, a good tariff for loads and quick service provided by area trucking companies and owner operators who did not want the expense of driving cross country (as well as having problems hiring competent employees who wanted to spend countless days away from home) allowed the service to grow from a few car loadings to multiple sections of trains leaving and arriving at Mount Morris daily. While the primary power for these trains started out with GP-35s service requirements have required the railroad to purchase higher horsepower locomotives to keep traffic fluid.

(Engine painted and detailed by Joe Kopin)

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