Lackawanna Terminal Railway's SW-1500 Locomotives
(Locomotives painted by Joe Kopin)

Lackawanna Terminal Railway's SW-1500 157 waits at the home signal out of the transfer facility in East Buffalo for a transfer train headed by RS-3s 1603 and 1601 to clear the interlocking at East Buffalo Junction. These units were constructed for the Reading Railroad in 1969 as their 2761-2770. They were in great mechanical condition when transferred to the Lackawanna Terminal Railway in 1976, and were a steal at the price the railroad paid for them. They, like the SW-9's, are used primarily in yard and industrial switching, however, once in a while they can be seen on local freights when the railroad is strapped for motive power and operations get busy. Good acceleration and visibility from the cab make these engines popular with the engineers but the ground crews is now happy with the hand rails on the steps which are awkward to use when getting up the steps to the cab.

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