Lackawanna Terminal Railway's SW-9

(Locomotive painted by Joe Kopin)

Lackawanna Terminal Railway's SW-9 257 has just arrived at East Buffalo Yard with a cut of empty and loaded tank cars from National Chemical and Refining in DePew, New York. 257 will drill these cars by destination and leave them for the appropriate train to pick up and forward toward their final destinations. Constructed by EMD for the Lackawanna Railroad, these units were former EL 446-455. These 1200 hp. units are true workhorses, and are well into their fourth decade of service. They are identifiable as former EL units by their retrofitted walkway handrails. The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Scranton locomotive  shop also went and added MU capability to these units to allow them to work in tandem in yard switching operations. These engines are used for industrial switching over the entire system and are well liked by their crews for their quick acceleration and excellent visibility from the cab.

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