Compiled by the
Lackawanna Terminal Technical & Historical Society

Automobile Racks
Mounted on various TTGX flat cars, these racks totaling over 100 cars) help drive the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's heavy automobile freight traffic.

Boxcars are still in demand on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway and the railroad has committed large sums of money in their purchase, refurbishing, and continued availability to the all Lackawanna Terminal Railway customers who request them.

Cabooses are an integral part of the operations on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway, by contract.

Coal hoppers

Series 51000-51499 100 ton capacity hoppers, purchased from Conrail and pooled from a fleet of former EL, PC, and RDG cars. Used for coal hauling service.

Covered Hoppers:

Covered hoppers carry large varieties of bulk products to a large variety of Lackawanna Terminal customers.

Flat Cars

Used mostly in captured service for Stradivarius Steel as idler cars and special loads.

Specialty cars like the Lackawanna Terminal Railway fleet of gondolas continue to meet the needs of Lackawanna Terminal Railway customers.

Tank Cars

Tank cars, purchased for and found in captured service between the Sulfex Corporation, in Groveland, New York and the National Chemical and Refining Corporation in DePew, New York

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